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Normally here I talk about Etsy art in a form of print or photography, but today I have something a little bit more special than that.. Do you ever watch old movies, stare at the amazing oil art portraits and just wish you could live in a different century? One where they took the time to paint those who mattered to them… One with no cameras and Facebook to memories those we love.

Well, now you can do that- with artocrat Etsy store. Shipping amazing oil and water art worldwide from the United States, this store can turn any picture you provide- into a full size (or custom size) oil or water colour painting! All the listings in the store are there to show you the different options of art you can choose, but whenever you decide to order- you simply contact the seller and they will customize a listing for you- with the colour you desire, and the size you want.

This is not just a store- it’s a team!
Jay, Erika, and Jacqueline are only 3 of the people assembling this team of artists, gathered together to make photos come to life with their art. You can have a portrait of a loved one as a gift, a couple’s portrait for your anniversary, or even a portrait of your past away dog. Anything is possible if you just have the right artists on your side. Here’s what you need to do (according to these sellers) in order to get your original oil painting (or any colour painting in the store):

HOW IT WORKS ♥ Step 1: You reach out to me with a photograph you have in mind to be painted. ♥ Step 2: We work together to determine the best size, painting style, and price for your specific photograph. Pricing varies based on complexity and style of art. ♥ Step 3: I create a custom listing for you to purchase. ♥ Step 4: Once the painting is complete, I will send a photograph of the painting for your approval. At this point, you can ask for adjustments.

♥ Step 5: Once you approve, we let the painting dry completely before we pack it securely and ship it to your address.

This could possibly be the best XMAS gift ever! Just think about the amazing portraits you could have with your family! Portraits like these:

Here are the standard sizes for these kind of art creations:
Small: 16×16 (square), 16×20 (rectangular),
Medium: 24×24 (square), 18×24 (rectangular)
Large: 36×36 (square), 24×36 (rectangular),
Oversized: 48×48 (square), 36×48 (rectangular)
If you need any other sizes- don’t hesitate to contact the sellers!

I took a “tour” around this store’s Instagram account- and I am impressed! Here are my favorite social updates (and images):

Don’t forget to check out artocrat’s Etsy store, Facebook and Instagram accounts for more inspiration! Good luck guys!

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