Movies VS Books New VS The Old.

Movies VS Books New VS The Old

For as long as I can remember myself- I have always loved books. I loved reading, getting disconnected from my surroundings and sinking into these new adventure movies vs books new vs the old that is only mine.

Nowadays I feel like nobody even reads… All the “grown-ups” I know, people my age with me included, are too busy with daily lives to read. When we do have time- it’s going to our TV sets and streaming programs, making sure that we have to do as less as possible. Simply stare.

Young people almost don’t read at all. It’s like they are totally skipping this step of childhood, and only reading what they are forced to read for literature class. When people talk about books, for most parts, they are showing interest in them, but state full on that they would “probably catch the movie”. And that makes me sad. I have read so many books in mt life that was later on filmed- and there’s a huge gap between the books vs movies… Plus, this gap is even getting bigger as the years pass.

I recently saw the first Tarzan movie ever made, and it got me thinking of the enormous difference between that piece of innocence I used to know, and this:

Now, this is so different than the simple Tarzan-Jane love mix I know and love.
This desire to connect with the old, with the written word, has got me searching the web for something special. An item that can symbolize for me that OLD is not dead… And I found such an item at Gaelianna Etsy store… Gaelianna owns and sells a unique and limited first edition of Tarzan Of The Apes, dating back to 1914!! This book is over a 100 years old! The book can be shipped anywhere online, and though there is a price tag on it- for me it’s priceless. (Store also offers a variety of vintage items so make sure to check it out with this link here).

Movies VS Books New VS The Old
Movies VS Books New VS The Old

So what would you prefer… Seeing the movie at the cinema, or reading the story like it was written for the very first time?

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