The Most Amazing Jewellery In The World!

When I think about amazing jewellery and unique items- I think Etsy! I found this amazing store on Etsy called- Gosia Orlowska Designs. This store, owned by Gosia Orlowska from Hong Kong, sells amazing handmade jewellery for women, and shipping them worldwide.

Gosia makes jewellery like no other, by using so many different materials and styles, in order to create such an amazing collection. This store’s collection would be for any type of style, wether you’re a goth, a “good vibes” person, or a simple classy women.

I believe that unique styles come from a unique background, and that is exactly the case with this Etsy store.
The store owner is originally from Poland, and had moved to Hong Kong 12 years ago. Maybe it’s these 2 very different cultures that collide into amazing jewellery design.

Like many other jewellery maker, Gosia started by making jewellery pieces for the pure art and joy, and later moved on to sharing these pieces with friends and family. After seeing the joy in people’s eyes- jewellery making became a full on business. However, nothing I will say here will compare to the visuals I can show you from this amazing seller, so have fun girls!


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