Insanely Unique Statement Wooden Earrings

Cathy Charles from Florida is one of my favorite jewelry artists this week- as she makes the most amazing and unique statement wooden earrings you’ll ever see!
If you’re a simple girl, an office girl, or a posh high-society girl- you’re going to need to accessorize! The thing is, that with all these personality types and styles- colorful statement jewelry is always stylish and safe choice- and no better place to get them than from Cathy and her Etsy boutique- MyMoonSeeds!


Shipping her amazing wooden statement earrings within the US, and to Europe, The Caribbean & Canada, Cathy is making women and girls happy and stylish all over- with a simple wooden jewelry item that can make the entire look!

A business that started “by accident”

Cathy says that it was never really her intention to become an Etsy seller, let alone make wooden statement earrings. However, sometimes- life just send something your way that you cannot ignore.
To her- life sent a piece of scrap craft wood from an art project- that she simply decided to up-cycle and make into something new.

tribal-earrings-african-earrings-wood-earrings-red-white-earrings-geometric-earrings-ethnic-earrings-abstract-earrings-boho-earrings-5559894 african-earrings-wood-earrings-blue-earrings-mint-earrings-tribal-earrings-african-jewelry-african-jewelry-for-women-6047630 african-earrings-purple-earrings-yellow-earrings-wooded-earrings-half-circle-earrings-ethnic-earrings-geometric-earrings-6241253

I draw inspiration from African fashion, wax prints, and art. I absolutely love bright and loud color combinations. Earrings can really frame the face, and I think the right color choices can reveal a lot about your personality, suggest youthfulness, while also being chic and classy.

african-earrings-wood-earrings-turquoise-earrings-yellow-earrings-african-jewelry-ethnic-earrings-african-jewelry-for-women-1180055 wood-earrings-african-earrings-teal-black-earrings-rectangle-earrings-tribal-earrings-ethnic-earrings-abstract-earrings-boho-earrings-8724448 african-earrings-teardrop-earrings-yellow-blue-statement-earrings-wood-earrings-african-jewelry-ethnic-earrings-6788964

…Cathy talks about her personal output and story, as well as product quality:

All of the items are made from wood and are extremely lightweight, which is very important to me, and I think most wearers.

If you like what you’ve seen here-
go ahead and visit My Moon Seeds on Etsy!


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