A Family From North Carolina That Creates Treasures for You

Creates Treasures for You

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Meet Sarah and Matt Maya- the owners of Curbside Treasures Etsy store. The couple lives in Wilmington, NC. Their Etsy store is a celebration of wood, recycling, up-cycling and simply good craftsmanship. They specialize in refurbishing and redesigning furniture, crafts and household items. Their Etsy store is filled with products that are unique and meant to spice up your home! Like these tables over here:

What’s really special about this couple, is that they’re not only making tables and regular furniture items, but they’re also creating amazing wall art from their own state’s shape and size:

Our amazing couple also takes custom orders- so go to their Etsy store right now and see what they have to offer you and your home! If you like that homy feeling with love and inspiration, check out also their LOVE wall art:

You can see examples on how their beautiful art work meets living rooms and other walls in your house on their Instagram account, filled with sales, promotions and pictures like this one:

You could also check out their FB page for faster communication, or visit their Etsy store at any time. Good luck Mayas!

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Creates Treasures for You
Creates Treasures for You

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