Nature, Animal & Culture- Creations by Michal Luzzatto.

One of the best things, I think, happened in the past few years is the rising of big commercial print production partners. If you don’t know what they are… Production partners in the printing industry are teaming up with graphic designers and photographers from all over the world- to provide you gals with amazing and unique accessories that carry one of a kind art pieces or amazing photographs!

One of the people who took their art to the next level, and decided to make everyday items from their photographs- is Israeli photographer- Michal Luzzatto!

Her eye captures everything!
Beautiful pink flowers blooming on tree tops, Rare shots capturing a cat yawn, and even cultural shots in unique places like India.. All can be found on everyday items like- travel bags, leggings, zipped pouches and totes.

If you like the good old days and think that a photograph should be placed on the wall- you’d be happy to know that Michal also sells prints of her work- and everything you’ve seen here so far is also available as a printed photo!

If you like what you’ve seen here so far- get social with Michal Luzzatto and follow/like her work on Facebook or Instagram! That way- you’ll always have her newest designs on your feeds- and be the first to know of a sale or coupon code!

Visit Michal Luzzatto’s Etsy shop,
to find out more!

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