The perfection of Traditional Moroccan Vintage rugs

If you’re looking to get your hands (or feet) on some traditional Moroccan high quality rugs- you need to meet the Rug Buddy!
With a love for travel and rugs, the Rug Buddy travels to distant villages and cities- looking for the best items to showcase in his shop- OurainTradition.

OurainTradition on Etsy is probably the best place to get high quality Moroccan rugs to style your living room, lobby, walls and bedroom.

What I love most about the Rug Buddy, is that he shows the rugs from afar, taking the camera few meters back to show the real size and beauty of each and every carpet.

Out of all of the traditional Moroccan carpets on OurainTradition Etsy shop, my favorite would have to be this amazing Aya Azilal rug-

If you like this style- go ahead and visit OurainTradition on Etsy! Remember that these rugs are all ONE OF A KIND, so if you like something you see-

you might as well grab it before other people do it under your noses!

Visit OurainTradition Etsy shop today!

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