Does Your Skin Need A Good Scrub?

Does Your Skin Need A Good Scrub?

Does Your Skin Need A Good Scrub? YES!

Well, we all need a high-quality scrub every now and then, some more than others. A good scrub will help you remove dead skin and bring much needed moist into your skin.

For women with oily skin types, scrubbing is still important, and even a little bit of moisturizing, once or twice a week. Even people with oily skin need to add moisture back into their skin, which is why including products like an essence, oils like CBD that can be found by checking out CTFO info here, for example, and aloe vera gel into their skincare routine. We want to minimize the oil on the skin, not get rid of all of it.

However, a lot of women with dry skin types use scrubs every day, and some have even said it helps them feel and look younger (which makes sense – since you’re taking good care of your skin). As well as scrubbing, another way of helping to remove dead skin and to help minimise wrinkles could be to try a facial treatment such as a Hydrafacial toronto. However, scrubbing could be the answer to improve your skin.

Isn’t scrubbing intrusive?

A lot of women feel that scrubbing the body is a bit intrusive, and it’s true. Much like using peeling masks for your face, using scrubs on your body is a way of getting into deeper skin levels than the regular soap is able to get to. Due to the fact that scrubbing affects the skin a lot more- it’s important to make sure that the scrub you’re using is made only from natural ingredients, and does not contain any harmful chemicals that will hurt or damage your skin.

Don’t you just want the perfect skin?

I don’t know if you know this- but I am from Israel. We are considered to be quite advanced when it comes to skin-therapy, mostly due to our obsession with the dead sea, and the fact that we have 5 different climate areas in our small countries (and that climate shift can kill your skin!).

So, I searched Etsy for a good scrub, one that fits my needs as an Israeli that faces humidity and dryness all together- And I found the best scrub of them all!

KeyWestEssentials Etsy Boutique

The Etsy store KeyWestEssentials is a pot of gold for people looking to enrich their skin with minerals and essential materials- while providing it with a good scrub! This boutique currently offers 6 different scrubs, in 6 different scents, and one very deep and relaxing- bath salt package.

Cuban coffee, Coconut lime and green tea- are only half of the amazing scents you’ll find in this store, and there’s a lot more to explore!

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In each product you’ll have a choice to make between a 50oz jar or an 80oz jar, and they are all paraben free!
You could also spoil yourself with a sweet bath using this seller’s bath salts:

So… do you feel that itch in your skin? It’s your body telling you, your Skin NEED A  Good SCRUB!

Visit this awesome scrubby-boutique for more info!

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Does Your Skin Need A Good Scrub?
Does Your Skin Need A Good Scrub?

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