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With Mother’s day being right around the corner- I am all in for some mother-daughter gift giving ideas! After showcasing some interesting mother’s day mugs and mother’s day prints in this blog and my socials last week- this week I am all about spoiling your mom with some SPA fun!

Candles made by hand, beautiful home accessories, soaps that smell delicious, and some lovely gift bundles. I mean- some moms are just so lucky to have daughters who shop for them at Rachel’s Candles Design Etsy shop!

Rachel’s Candles Design Etsy shop is a great shop to find unique handmade gifts for your mom this Mother’s Day, or even for yourself or a friend who happened to have a birthday at this mommy time of the year!

As a freshly opened Etsy shop, this store has already made 17 people very happy and relaxed with their line of soy candles, unique soaps and spa items! And as a starting point- the owners thought it’d be nice to kick things off with a free shipping offer for any domestic US order above $50!

My favorite items out of all the items on Rachel’s Candles Design Etsy shop is this unique sun and moon goat milk soap! I always loved these types of Yin-Yang designs, and this one I love the most- since you can order it in a variety of colors and in different scents!

There is so much more to this shop than just pretty soy candles and some soaps. You’ll also find interesting and unique relaxing body salt scrub, lip balms and body butter. As well as wax melts (in an amazing relaxing scent) and unique soaps for kids!

Click here to have the best Mother’s Day Gift shopping experience-
at Rachel’s Candles Design Etsy shop!

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