Spoil Your Man With A New Bracelet

Your Man With A New Bracelet

Well ladies, not only women can find amazing gifts and jewels on Etsy, but some sellers chose to focus on the male aspect of bling. For that I had to dig a bit deeper to find a store that not only says “this is for men”, but actually bracelet makes jewellery items that men would like to wear, and that would make them feel strong and manly.

This Etsy store is called JJ Stevens Designs. Shipping worldwide from the United States, brand founder, Josh Kangley, crafts men-bracelets along with his wife and daughter. Their family business is to create bracelets that represents strength and courage as well as peace and inner healing.

Their family hopes and dreams only now arrived to Etsy, so your help and support of this family business would be appreciated. I very much believe that it is these small businesses that deserve our TLC, more than huge chains and retail stores. A portion of the proceeds from each bracelet sale will be going to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. So these are powerful and inspiring bracelets – by look and by cause. Although they are listed as men’s jewellery, Josh believes that these bracelets can be unisex and also worn by women. They offer a classic look, combined with a symbol of motivation (the lava stone beads are said to have healing properties).

JJ Stevens is a start-up fashion brand and Josh’s bracelets are only the first product to be launched at this time. What I personally loved about this store is that it offer clean and powerful bracelets for men, with an affordable price, and also include a gift set for 5 pieces… Just have a look at how beautiful they are:

Drop by Josh’s Family shop for more details!

Your Man With A New Bracelet
Your Man With A New Bracelet

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