The Best Handcraft Silver Jewels You Will Ever See

The Best Handcraft Silver Jewels You Will Ever See

Yes, I stand by the title of this post. I found an Etsy store that will be the best  hunting ground handcraft silver jewels  for online shoppers with a silver fetish. It’s called Desert & Arrow, and it has the best silver Artisan jewellery I have ever seen.

All the way from Arizona, the Desert & Arrow are responsible of creating some of the most unique Artisan jewellery I have ever seen. Most of their jewels come with a sense of vintage, though they are brand new, and handcrafted by the store owner. When I first saw this store I had flashbacks of my childhood, growing up spending hours in my mom’s work- a jewellery factory. The art I saw at Desert & Arrow brought me back to that time, gave me the feeling of the 90’s all over again, and for that I thank the store owner.

In today’s world, with all the charms and Pandora jewels, people forgot how special a simple necklace or pendant could be when it is made from silver and decorated with just the right amount of gemstone. The simple designs by Desert & Arrow are a time machine, to the era where we appreciated unique and chose it over commercial. That is one of the reasons I fancy Etsy so very much, because it’s unique.

silver-crystal-point-pendant-etsy-handmade-9195218silver-teardrop-pendant-etsy-handmade-8503859Desert & Arrow offers a variety of different Artisan jewels to choose from. You have simple sterling silver necklaces, or ones where your pendant is decorated with gemstones. My favourite being the Moonstone pendant down below. You can also find amazing rings, with or without gemstones, earrings and basically- anything you can think of.

The thing that differentiate the Desert & Arrow from most of the other Etsy stores I came across is the price. We all know that buying handmade Artisan Jewellery pieces will be more expensive than standard retail prices, and we accept that. The jewel piece took more time to make, and the design is a creative thought in an artists mind. However, this seller is selling sterling silver pieces in the best price I have ever seen for handmade items, on Etsy and on other platforms. So for me- it just makes sense to buy silver jewellery from Desert & Arrow, and not from the simple everyone-has-this-item stores.

The Best Handcraft Silver Jewels You Will Ever See
The Best Handcraft Silver Jewels You Will Ever See

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