Precious Gems, Sterling Silver, and More- from The UK

Shipped worldwide from The UK, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite jewels from an Etsy store called: AminahAndrewDesigns.

Most times, when presenting a store to you gals, I have a solid reason.
Some stores I chose to feature since they have over 1000 sales and positive reviews, other’s I have chosen due to their absolutely amazing shots and photos, but in the past 2 years of being The Women team’s editor I have never encountered a store that has less than 100 items- but still manages to produce such a large range of style! Seriously- Aminah Andrew Designs is now featuring 51 items- and as some might be thought of as a part of a collection- the variety is astonishing!

From a chipped Amethyst necklace, to silver sterling earrings with turquoise cotton tassels. From Cluster Pearl Earrings with feathers- to a rose gold heart pendant necklace- I mean- the items are so unique and I can honestly see how any woman could find a piece to her liking at this store.

27 Year-old Aminah Andrew is a mother of three- as well as the owner and the designer behind this lovely brand and Etsy store. She had discovered her love for jewelry making back at 2015 and about a year ago decided to make her passion into a source of revenue- to support her family with something she truly cares about. I believe that it is our duty as women to choose these small private businesses over big brands, show our support and love to one of our own- especially when the designs are amazing- and the prices are so affordable!

See more from Aminah Andrew’s work at her Etsy store!
Good luck Aminah!

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