Unique Sterling Silver & Gold Jewelry by Jasmine


If you’re looking for fine jewelry there are about a million shops on Etsy you could find. However, most of them have their own niche.

Some sell only the finest diamond and gold rings, making them luxurious stores- with shine and sparkle- and a high price. Other shop sell simple but attractive sterling silver jewelry, handmade with affordable prices.

And the rest- sell what’s in between the two.

However, if you want to see them ALL- go to Bodvena Etsy shop.

Bodvena Etsy shop, owned by jewelry designer Jasmine, is a great place to find different types of jewelry gifts and ideas!
Special rose gold heart pendant necklaces, sweet panda necklaces from sterling silver, yellow gold ship steering wheel earrings, eternity bands with diamonds, cubic zirconia engagement rings, gold and blue sapphire proposal rings, golden toe rings, solid gold cross bracelets, sterling silver eternity friendship bracelets- and so much more!

If you like what you’ve seen here- you’re gonna wanna follow Jasmine and her shop on Instagram– for that daily dose of inspiration!

Find out more at Bodvena Etsy shop!

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