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Etsy, the online market for handmade goods, can give you so many ideas for unique gifts- for the people you love, and for yourself. With thousands of items to wear, put on, fit in and decorate with- the choices are endless.

However, every now and again you see an item that is more than just “something pretty”… An item that has a deeper, more spiritual, meaning. One item that you can give as a gift that means MORE.  Like a beautiful bracelet made all out of JADE gemstone- for health and protection!

Tokens, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and statues have been known since the beginning of time- as things that could watch over you and protect you- when mixed with the right energy, or made with the right materials.
These types of charms and totems are the best Metaphysical gifts you can give someone, or yourself, something that is both beautiful and protecting at the same time!

One shop where you’ll be able to find these unique gifts in, is- PeacefulMindsetGifts.
PeacefulMindsetGifts is a new Etsy boutique dedicated to Metaphysical and New Age Spirituality Gifts. 

One of my favorite items in this shop, is a special dream-catcher necklace, made with beautiful gems- meant to keep you healthy, happy and protected.

According to legend dream catchers, hung above beds and cradles, protect their sleepers from evil dreams. When dreams come to visit in the dark of night, the pleasant dreams pass through the web to the sleeper, while the nightmares become caught in the web to perish in the first light of the morning sun. (taken from the product’s description)

The team behind this beautiful Etsy shop, had this to say about their work:

We started this with one intention. To connect these wonderful products to the people they were meant to be with and heal! All our products are programmed with intention and love to bring out their maximum potential. I know that you will enjoy these as much as we do. We would also like to send a Big Thank You in advance out from the Peaceful Mindset team for all your feedback and support. Be sure to check us out on Instagram for our Daily Motivational posts and updates on our latest deals and items!

One of this shop’s specialities is making special element necklaces- one for each of the four elements in nature- Air, fire, water and earth.

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