A Coffee & Tea Gift Shop… Inspired by Harry Potter!

By Maya Mey Aroyo on November 27, 2018 Gifts for Geeks, Healthy Gifts Ideas, Trend

If you know a friend that love Harry Potter, or are a big Harry Potter fan yourself- you should really check out 9 and 3 Quarters Co Etsy shop!

This shop is a unique celebration of the Harry Potter books and movies- with tea and coffee inspired by Harry Potter and the rest of the magical gang!

Their coffee blends are unique and include the most enticing names like: AZKABAN BREW NAGINI’S VENOM BREW-THAT-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED

and more!

Their Harry Potter tea collection includes unique flavours like Lightning Bolt tea, House Elf Brew, Pumpkin Juice herbal tea, and a lot more awesome Harry Potter gift tea ideas!

If you liked what you’ve seen here- you’d be happy to know that this seller operates an Instagram account with awesome Harry Potter inspired items and sales info on occasional deals and coupons!

See more on 9 and 3 Quarters Co Etsy shop!

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