Modern Memory Art – Feminism, Pop Art & Custom Designs

If you’re looking to ‘deck the halls’ of your office, study room or anywhere else- drop by ModernMemoryArt store on Etsy- they might have what you’ve been looking for!

With 140+ different designs, ModernMemoryArt is a great place to find feministic and women-empowering prints, along with pop art prints, and custom prints- of either your photo on a canvas / print, or your photo combined inside a special custom print- mostly purchased for weddings!

we-can-do-it-rosie-the-riveter-art-print-by-j-howard-miller-2730384 nick-folesphiladelphia-eagles-life-quote-canvas-art-life-quote-art-print-wall-art-football-4252615 new-york-photography-nyc-photography-set-of-5-black-white-new-york-photos-lunch-atop-a-skyscraper-1932-wall-art-wall-art-prints-1094251 kate-moss-like-is-a-joke-poster-print-art-print-mustache-poster-wall-deco-fashion-art-mustache-poster-model-life-is-a-joke-girl-gift-5550848 gift-for-him-wedding-gift-for-her-decor-anniversary-boyfriend-husband-mom-men-women-wife-girlfriend-personalize-unique-custom-e1519852143469-9198489

After hitting the 900 sales mark, store owner, Michal Kowalczyk, is only more driven to continue his 5 star rating- and give you the best service, the highest quality prints and the most unique designs!

disney-haunted-mansion-stretch-room-art-set-of-4-36x12-inch-nursery-art-canvas-art-print-framedposter-3581415 buffalo-framed-wall-art-cow-photography-buffalo-print-highland-cow-animal-print-cow-art-prints-highland-cow-printwall-art-art-2743163

If you like what you’ve seen here so far- go to this store’s Instagram page and follow it to make sure that these designs will decorate your feed!

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See more designs on ModernMemoryArt on Etsy!

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