The Hottest Accessory for Book-Club Night

If you’re a true bookworm and love everything about cuddling home with a good book- than you should really meet Molly Felth.

Molly is the owner of BookTotesbyMomo Etsy store from Connecticut, United State.
In her store she sells her collection of tote bags- all made with covers of great books that are known for inspiring and motivating people in life. Molly takes these epic mystery stories and make them last forever- on a tote bag! The perfect accessory for you next book club night!

book-lovers-tote-literary-tote-bag-library-book-bag-embellished-tote-bag-canvas-tote-bag-reusable-bag-custom-market-bag-1-1-2355012 hemingway-tote-bag-farewell-to-arms-bag-literary-tote-bag-canvas-market-bag-book-lovers-gift-reusable-tote-library-bag-2509129
f-scott-fitzgerald-gift-literary-tote-bag-rhinestone-tote-bag-canvas-tote-bag-bibliophile-gift-library-book-bag-gift-for-teacher-4828003 to-kill-a-mockingbird-bag-harper-lee-tote-literary-tote-bag-teachers-bag-book-lovers-gift-canvas-market-bag-rhinestone-tote-bag-4692806

Starting this year Molly has also started selling select literary jewelry items that are made to perfection!

gunmetal-tone-book-pendant-necklace-cable-chain-locket-necklace-literary-necklace-readers-gift-book-charm-jewelry-1170987 silver-tone-book-pendant-necklace-cable-chain-locket-necklace-metallic-readers-gift-literary-library-necklace-book-lovers-gift-8671453

The best part of the book tote bags that Molly is selling is that she prints them with the book covers- and then place rhinestones on them for that extra flair!


If you like this style of tote bags and book necklaces- you should follow Molly’s board on Pinterest. You should also favorite Molly’s store on Etsy- to make sure you never miss a new design or a sale from her store!

Enjoy your book tote bags and necklace
with Molly’s store


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