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People think that you’d only be able to find old grandmas and maternity-leave moms on Etsy. However, the online mall for handmade items contains so much more.
Amongst the people opening shops on Etsy- you’ll sometimes find people who are already selling their items out of Etsy… People with a unique talent and crafty hands, that took their passion to the next level and made a full time job out of what they’re good at!

Award winning furniture designers from London have come together in one shop- BentDesignFurniture! BENT is a place to find simple and stylish solution for your every day lives!

Like this special Metal Vinyl Record Storage – Flip Rack:

Amongst their other products you’ll also find modern style metal coffee tables, and a book shelf… for your bike!!

If you want to learn more about the designers and the projects they’ve done in the UK- go and visit BENT’s official website… Or- follow them on Instagram for your daily social inspiration!

Go to BentDesignFurniture today for more!

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