Meet The Beautiful Panda (MagandaPanda)


Maganda Panda is the alias name for beauty blogger Kelsey B. Maganda, or Beautiful in Tagalog (The official language of the Philippines), is what Kelsey didn’t feel like when she was 19 years old.
It’s a tough age for girls, turning in to young women, and it’s even harder when you are dealing with a medical diagnose such as Lupus. As the pills she took made her gain weight, our little beautiful panda turned 20 with extra weight and feelings of insecurity. But I am happy to say that she pulled through… Opening Maganda Panda blog to celebrate beauty with fashion, hair care, nail care and other beauty tips!

If you checkout her Instagram you would see that she is trying to show- you can have a good life, you can feel better, you CAN look and feel amazing, even after hard days.

Let’s Talk Beauty

Maganda Panda’s blog is actually pretty cool for the starting makeup and care lovers. I know that there are amazingly talented women out there, with 3000 youtube subscribers, and 200K Facebook fans that give amazing makeup tutorials.
But honestly? I don’t see myself doing any of these tutorials. First- cause I don’t want to have that much makeup on me, and second- cause it’s really complicated! That’s why I think that for teenagers and young women, such as myself, Maganda is one great teacher.


I think that being able to love yourself even though you are “sick” is important. We are all different, we are all in need, or will be in need, every now and then… And as someone who’s gone through several injuries in life, ones that often made me gain weight and feel bad about myself, I can really relate to Kelsey.

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