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USA NEWS – National Nurses Week 2020

USA NEWS – National Nurses Week 2020

National nurses day in the USA 2020 is on May 6th, starting the official national nurses week 2020 that will take place from May 6-12. In these crazy times, with the coronavirus spreading quickly and taking so many precious lives, healthcare providers are being compared to soldiers in combat- fighting a vicious invisible enemy while risking their lives, and the lives of their loved ones- if they choose to go home between shifts.

Working crazy hours and feel helpless and overwhelmed, national nurses week 2020 is more important than ever!

How to show nurses your appreciation?

In many online forums most nurses don’t want anything special for national nurses week 2020… All they want is for people to stay at home, wear masks & gloves when they leave the house, wash their hands, and keep the social distancing orders! You- doing all that- gives them less reason to worry, less enemies to fight, and more peace of mind! On this special nurses appreciation week 2020- we ask you to stay home! Keep your outings to a minimum, and show your love for your friends, family, and fellow man- by staying away!

If you don’t have a face mask, and want to learn how to make your own face mask, check out 2 of our posts on How to make a face mask without sewing, and printable patterns for sewing a face mask!

Nurse Appreciation Cards

The art of greeting card is stronger than ever, and sometimes the best way to show your appreciation is with a thank you card! While there are many thank you cards you could find online, or make at home, there are also special nurse appreciation cards available! Since I’m guessing you won’t be able to order and receive a nurse appreciation card in the next 2-3 days, here are some cute and nurse-themed thank you cards I found on Etsy!

These are all printable thank you cards for nurses- that you can download & print at home!

DulceLiving Etsy shop has the cutest square card printable for nurses week 2020! It’s a simple print at home card, filled with nurse-related clipart and a heartfelt thank you!

Another great nurse day card can be found on PrintablePrettiesCo Etsy shop. A simple and soothing watercolor illustration, and a warm Happy Nurses Day text.

USA NEWS – National Nurses Week 2020
USA NEWS – National Nurses Week 2020


You could also just print out a Thank you card, and write the nurses day dedication yourself!
Our sister-shop The Greeting owl, has this sparkling thank you card that is super fun to look at, and even funner to get!

Nurse Thank You Card DIY tutorial

If you want to make your own nurse appreciation card for nurses week 2020, there’s no better place than Youtube!
I searched for the easiest cards to make, that are also nurse-themed and beautiful to look at, and found this sweet nurse week DIY card:

Found on the channel Bina Art and Craftwork, this DIY nurse thank you card requires no special painting skills, and very little materials. You can go to this amazing Youtube channel and see how to make this card, or watch the Youtube nurse card tutorial right here:

It’s important to treasure nurses all year long, and not just during this covid19 crisis! But as we are on crazy-times Make sure to note this year’s Nurses Week!

Cause our nurses deserve it!

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