Sculpture Images Used To Create Everyday Items

Sculpture Images Used To Create Everyday Items

I often write here about Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade crafts, however, there are a lot more places where you can get handmade art at. Introducing the Sculpture Images Used To Create Everyday Items. One of these places is RedBubble.
Redbubble is a website dedicated to promoting art and artists, even those who can’t afford to start manufacturing and printing all of their art work just yet.

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Addressing mostly graphic designers and photographers. RedBubble works in a simple way:

1. An artist creates an account with RedBubble

2. The artist uploads a high-resolution image of their art work

3. The artwork is being placed on various everyday items

RedBubble are the manufacturers of it all, and they are the ones holding the physical items and sending them to customers, items like: mugs. tshirts, sweaters, throw pillow covers, drawstring bags, wall tapestries and a lot more! You could have designer’s tshirts and fashion accessories, alongside the most unique house decor items- in just one click. And when you see how amazing these items look- you’ll understand what I’m talking about!

Cindi Hardwicke

One of my favorite artists is Cindi Hardwicke. She makes beautiful sculptures and mixed media art works… But seeing her on RedBubble really blew my mind!
Cindi took high resolution photos of her art work and used the files as a base for the background of many useful items, like: pillow covers, wall tapestries, laptop skins, Tshirts, mugs and much more! And her work looks fantastic!

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One of my favorite RedBubble items is the Acrylic Block, a beautiful way to display art in 3D and have it decorate your shelves… Here are my favorite Cindi Hardwicke designed Acrylic Blocks:

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Follow the artist on social media

If you like the work you’ve seen so far in this post- feel free to visit Cindi’s social profiles and follow/like them in order to stay in touch! She’ll also update you whenever RedBubble offers a sale or a valuable discount!
You can find Cindi’s work on Pinterest, Twitter, and the best yet- Instagram!
Her Instagram account is especially cute, with REAL sculpture images of her products after they were ordered:

See more at Cindi’s RedBubble store!

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Sculpture Images Used To Create Everyday Items
Sculpture Images Used To Create Everyday Items

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