Waist Beads Created for Queens & Goddesses (up to 30% discount)

A really awesome Etsy store is having a unique sale- and I thought I should let you gals know about it!
The store is called NegasiDesigns, owned by Jasmine H, who has 1 agenda in life- making people happy!

Her store is about an item that might seem weird to some people… But growing up in the Middle East- I know Jasmine’s products well… Jasmine sells awesome handmade waist beads!
These are unique belly-belts that are made out of different colored beads! They can be worn on a casual day out shopping, on top of your outfit or with a tank top!

You can also wear them when going to the beach or to the pool, use them in different art dances, or have them on you for the most unique and oriental photoshoot ever!

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