DIY “Accessories” By Pulsatilla Pratensis

DIY “Accessories” By Pulsatilla Pratensis

Are you a DIY freak? Do you enjoy making people’s greeting cards by hand? Do you love holidays like Xmas and Halloween cause they give you a reason to get creative? Do you love the hidden art of scrap-booking? Meet Pulsatilla Pratensis with DIY “Accessories” By Pulsatilla Pratensis.

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Pulsatilla Pratensis is one super cute chicka, located in Germany, that happen to have a sweet talent for graphic design! I first saw her work a couple of weeks back when I was going through Etsy looking for beautiful art that you could print and CUT for different DIY projects.

A lot of people don’t know- but you’ll need a specific type of file if you want to use professional cutting printers, and you’ll also need images in high resolution if you want your DIY projects to look good- which is why downloading files from Google Images won’t do the trick.

In her Etsy store, PersonalEpiphany, Pulsatilla sells SVG, DXF, EPS and PNG files that can be used with the latest versions of Cricut Explore Air, Silhouette Studio Designer Edition V3 software, and other cutting and professional printing tools and machines- giving you the best possible DIY accessories!
The work she makes, due to the high quality of the files, could be used for fashion and accessory purposes as well, as you could easily take her designs to a clothes shop that enables personalized printing- and create beautiful items for you and your friends! Like: baby onesies, tshirts, tote bags and even mugs!

Here are some of my favorite designs by this talented woman:

Like what you see? There are so many other designs waiting for you in this sweet Etsy store!

Click HERE to see more!

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DIY “Accessories” By Pulsatilla Pratensis
DIY “Accessories” By Pulsatilla Pratensis

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