Cancer Survivor Selling Retro & Vintage Jewelry on Etsy

We all have a different story to tell, a different life we lived and still living, and a different motivation to do so. My fascination with our differences might be why I like Etsy so much.

The online marketplace for handmade goods is sort of a hive of different stories from people who do different types of art… And the stories there are almost as touching as the art people share.

One person sharing both art and a story is Ruth Lanham.

“I’m a cancer survivor who God has completely healed. ” she says in her Etsy shop, and I can’t help but get infatuated with her approach to life and god.

Her shop, RuthsJewelryBox, is a place where you could find that daily inspiration- in the shape of retro and vintage jewelry items that Ruth has found and collected.

Her unique eye for vintage quality- is making her the perfect scout for retro jewelry pieces.

Her shop is filled with one of a kind items- maybe some of the jewelry you’re seeing here now were already sold?
Only one way to find out!

Visit RuthsJewelryBox Etsy shop today to find out!

If you want to make sure to be the first to know about a new and exciting jewelry item on Ruth’s shop- follow her on social media! These social channels will also be the best way to find out if she’s having a sale – like her free shipping offer on selected items (as we speak!)

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