3 Cool Etsy Stores To Start The Weekend With

3 Cool Etsy Stores To Start The Weekend With

Hey there my little Etsy lovers, I got 3 cool Etsy stores to help you jump-start your online shopping over the weekend with! The 3 stores I picked are different from each other- giving each and everyone of you something they might need- a cool party banner, a nice pair of slippers, or a nice smartphone cover… All handmade with love! Ready to start? Here it goes!


Sheandco is a cool Etsy store that will help you boost any party or happy occasion.. From birthdays to bachelorette parties, from anniversaries to any office party- you’ll find the proper banner decorations with sheandco! The store also has cool balloons, really nice ornaments and some interesting bracelets, but what I loved the most is this item, Bachelorette Photo Booth Props, aren’t they the coolest? (the bracelet in the main photo of this post is also from this store:))

Store ships to Canada and the US from Canada.


This store is a celebration for crochet lovers, with handmade slippers that are one of a kind! You have the normal flat short slippers, but also a nice collection of boots-like slippers that could really upgrade your homy-look! My personal favourite item were these slippers that are handmade from Alpaca & Peruvian wool, looks super comfy, right?

Store ships worldwide from Canada


CaseAge would help you spoil your most valuable friend- your phone! With amazing collections of cool and unique smartphone covers, you’ll always find what you need with CaseAge Etsy store! The covers are handmade once you order them, all you need to do is to tell the seller what smartphone you have (iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Samsung…). My favourite design with this one that really looks… Yummy!

3 Cool Etsy Stores To Start The Weekend With
3 Cool Etsy Stores To Start The Weekend With

Store ships worldwide from United States

Liked any of these items? Hurry up to order before they run out of stock!
Have a great weekend ladies!

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