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Meet Lara, owner of TEYXO Urban Fashion Etsy store.
Lara is an actress/designer that was always looking for the most unique and edgy items… Clothes that will say “street-smart” as well as send out a true urban-class message. And you know- if you are looking for a specific item for such a long time… You might as well create it!

Her style is a mix… It combines all the things she loves in life, like Jazz and the amazing 1920’s. Her goal was to create an urban fashion that empowers women… And I think she managed to do just that! But don’t take my word for it- see for your own eyes:

With more than 5000 sales in her belt and almost 1500 5-star reviews- Lara is truly one of the most trusted sellers on Etsy…

People like Lara are the exact reason why I love Etsy so very much, and TEYXO Urban Fashion is the best example of true design and inspiration! Good luck Lara, from all of us at The Women Team!

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