The Desire To Stop Smoking

The Desire To Stop Smoking

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a smoker. I smoke so much I should be getting social security benefits for it. I have tried to stop smoking several years ago, and did manage to not smoke for an entire year. I tried every possible way to stop, used e-cigarettes who made me miss the real thing, and even got addicted to mint bubble gums trying to replace one oral fixation for another. But I just couldn’t stop smoking.

The People Around You Are Important

The one time that I managed to stop smoking all together was when I was living with my ex. I had just stopped smoking 2 weeks earlier, and we were good friends and decided to become flat-mates (Bad idea, but that’s another story). While we were looking for an apartment he bragged about not smoking for a month. We decided that the house would be smoke free. When we did a small house-warming party, his friends had to go to the balcony to smoke. He saw me grabbing a cigarette off of one of his friends and gave me a bad eye.

Few weeks later we were full on living-together-couple, and we didn’t smoke. And that lasted for a year. The relationship, and the non-smoking thing we had going on. Few weeks before the break up I saw he was bringing home tobacco to roll and smoke. It’s cheaper, he said.  And I followed. When we split up all together I kept the tobacco with me.

When I started dating someone new it was either he was a non-smoker, so i reduced a lot of my cigarette routine, or he was a smoker, which made me smoke more. So either I’m easily influenced, or it’s really a thing that matters. Same way that if someone decides to lose weight, it would be easier to remove temptations from the house, thus the whole family pitches in and try to make this diet work. (Even now I took a cigarette break).

The Desire To Stop Smoking
The Desire To Stop Smoking

Electronic Cigarettes

I remembered the e-cigs for the worst. I know that it helps a lot of people, but the first time I tried one it had this terrible flavour that just made me sick. But my desire to stop smoking got me looking into electronics of different kinds around the web. That’s when I encountered KoreaVapes on Instagram. I didn’t stop smoking, I didn’t get an e-cig, but I had a good laugh for a while.

KoreaVapes is defiantly the funniest and most original Instagram account I saw in a while. With a unique concept, the owner of the account takes photos of the liquid with the scenery of Korea in the background. I am not going to stop smoking soon, I’m afraid, but now I really want to go to Korea!

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