Unique Lamps From Berlin

If you are looking to upgrade your apartment or room- a new light might do the trick! I have found this little Etsy store, fairly new, that sells one of a kinds hand designed lamps, all the way from Berlin. This store is called riegerdesign, and to be honest- I have never seen something so cool in my life. The reason why I love Etsy so much is because it holds so many different sellers, all with their own creations and opinions of art… But this artist is something special, as most of his work is dedicated to one of my favourite things in the world… Cheese!

Yup, you got it right! This store owner creates unique handmade lamps, and necklaces, looking like cheese! Amongst his dairy-lights you can also find a watermelon and an avocado, but the main focus is on the yellow swiss cheese, blue cheese, and even Pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms! Shipping worldwide from Germany, seller Eitan Rieger has certainly found the best use for cheese I have seen- light! So have a look at what Eitan Rieger has to offer you in his store:

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