5 Ways To Keep Warm This Winter

As the year is progressing and the month of February is almost at it’s middle, we have to deal with our old friend- the cold. No more Christmas lights to keep us warm… So let’s get creative with 5 ways to keep warm this winter!

1 – Drink Hot Beverages

Drinking warm beverages is one of the best ways to keep warm. I think that one of the only reasons I love the winter is the known scene of hot cocoa and a movie under the blankets.

2 – Sleep With A Warm Bottle

When we sleep it’s important to keep a high bod temperature. If you get cold at night you might not wake up and add another cover or sweatshirt, and than possibly catch a cold. I know that most of you might have the AC on or any other type of heater, but personally, I find that they make the room dry and consume a lot of electricity. I love cuddling with a warm bottle of water under the covers… If the cover is good- the bottle would keep you warm for 6-8 hours easy.

3 -Sleep More

The stories about the big bares sleeping all through the winter might not apply for humans, however, we do tend to sleep more during the winter. I am not sure as to the reasons of that, but I know one thing- when I am tired, I;m cold. If you feel like this winter is making you more sleepy than the summer- give into that… Go to sleep early and spend the cold night hibernating!

4 – Eat Fat

Most of the women I know hate the winter, they say it makes them fat. Now, let us get 2 things clear- a- It isn’t the winter that’s making you fat, it’s the fact you eat more. b- It’s not such a bad thing to gain a few pound cause you ate more this winter. The cold seasons make us hungrier that the hot ones, it’s a known fact. When most people eat fresh green vegetables in the summer to get cold, there are foods you can eat during the winter to keep warm.

If you are on a tight diet, try eating more white and orange fruits and veggies. If you are free to eat whatever you choose- try eating more fat foods, like high % cheeses and meats.

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