Unique 3D Printed Accessories That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s true to say that Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods, has really upped our access to unique items. The more technology evolves- the more we can see unique and amazing creations made by real people- from all over the world!
I have been writing about Etsy shops for a little over 3 years now, and I thought I have seen it all… But this morning I encountered 3DVTDesigns, an Etsy shop that really made me stop for a minute- and stare at it’s creations.

Owned by Jon, a simple man with a 3D printer, this shop is an outlet of amazing talent in industrial design. Jon is sharing unique and amazing works of art with us in his shop, and his work is ever so inspiring!

His ideas are unique and can really upgrade any home, and make any person happy… From a Julius Caesar pen holder, to a T-Rex soap dish. From an elephant shaped succulent planter, to a beautiful “slim” face headphones holder, and so much much more!

If you like Jon’s works- visit his Etsy shop for more!

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