Quality Hand Painted Wine Glasses, Gifts, Home Decor & More!

If you’re looking for a unique gift, something that says “I went to the bast artists market and got you this”- you’ve come to the right place.

Jodistuff Etsy store, owned by Jodi Granovsky, is the best place to find USA handmade decoration items made from flawless glass-work! In her store Jodi sells wine glasses, vases, and other home decorative items that would look great in both your kitchen & living room. Her work is simply amazing with hand-painted lines and artwork on each glass she sells.

As Jodi always loved glasses, she says that her life is now happy and filled with joy when she’s able to create art all day while listening to music. I think that’s what we all could wish for, no?
Her items show a great variety in topics, colors and technique. In some of her glasses you’d see a dotted pattern creating an image. Other glasses have flowers on them, in a look the makes your mind wonder to the best watercolor painting you’ve ever seen. Jodi also makes art for the holidays, with glasses fitting the Halloween party or Xmas. But, I can talk forever without you really seeing the beauty of Jodi’s work- so let’s get visual with my favorite items from her store:

With a rare sense for the smallest details alongside the beautiful gift boxes Jodi has- this store might just be the best go to place when planning a holiday party or if you’re invited to a house warming party! You can rest assure that this 5 star seller- will have the proper glass for you and your loved ones!

Click here to see more of Jodi’s work!

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