Self Care Trend – Surprise Inside Bath Bombs

I love bath bombs!! They are super fun, awesome,

and an overall great way to generate that extra kick to your self-care time.

What are Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs are balls containing perfume, scents, and other minerals and oils, that you throw in to your bathtub, filled with water- and they “explode” – filling your bathtub with their scent and essential oils!
Bath Bombs are a great way to enrich your self-care time, and have an enjoyable bath with the throw of a ball!

Scented Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs can be purchased in a variety of scents- apple, lavender, roses, orange, lemongrass, pineapple, and other creative scents! However, an Etsy seller made them even more special- creating their bath bombs using famous fragrances like Ralph Lauren perfume, J’adore perfume, and other rich in scent perfumes!
Where can you find these unique perfume bath bombs? on Awesomestuff2017 Etsy shop!

Surprise Bath Bombs

Awesomestuff2017 Etsy shop does not only create unique perfume bath bombs, and wonderfully scented bath bombs, but they also make bath bomb surprises! That means, a small token hidden inside of the bath bomb!
That surprise can be a ring, a necklace, and even a set of 3 bath bombs and 3 necklaces for your BFFs!

Discover more unique perfumed bath bombs with wonderful surprises inside

on Awesomestuff2017 Etsy shop!

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