YUGAClothes – Featuring a NEW & Super Comfy Yoga Clothes Collection!

With the simplest slogan of “Personal Freedom”- Yu is selling Yoga and bohemian style clothing on Etsy!
In her shop- YUGAclothes, you’ll be able to find the most comfy clothing line ever made- with every piece designed for 3 purposes:
To feel good
To fit perfectly
& to simply look amazing!

There’s a saying in Israel that you look the most beautiful- when you’re comfortable! And when looking at YUGAclothes new collection items (and some of the items from the old collection) I can say that this is definitely true!

The store owner, Yulia, or as her friends call her- YU, is dedicated to the art of making comfy and unique bohemian style yoga clothes, driven from her years of experience in practicing and teaching yoga!
However, Yoga wasn’t Yu’s first passion- fashion design was!

After making her very first skirt at the age of 10 (!!), Yu discovered a passion… A passion she talks about in her Etsy store’s about us section:

Even when I was a child, I wanted to wear clothes that no one had. I’ve always wanted to wear something that no one else has. I should confess, my favourite Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto, DOES offer clothes I want to wear… THAT VERY WAY, when you choose your clothes to shape your mood, depending on whether you want to feel calm or confident, come to a state of clarity, or enjoy freedom… Yes! EXACTLY. Dignity and freedom!

That’s what I try to achieve when I come up with some new design. It’s all about putting your fav piece of clothes on and get a certain feeling, it’s about the WAY YOU FEEL in it. All of my friends who wear my clothes tell me the same thing.

Making comfy and beautiful high quality clothing for both men and women- I can definitely imagine couples walking down the street hand in hand- both wearing Yu’s bohemian designs!
So- if you love doing yoga, if you appreciate beautiful and comfy clothing, or if you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable useful gift- YUGAclothes is the place for you!

Visit YUGAclothes today for more!

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