Handcrafted Wood Pens, Wood Blanks, and Custom Engraving

Handcrafted Wood Pens

There are so many places where you could get the best gift for your sister, mother or little girl, and so few places to find useful gifts for men or for your office staff/boss. If you’re looking to create a special thank-you package, if you need a useful birthday gift (Cause let’s face it- men like useful), or if you’re a practical gift giver by nature- this Etsy store I found is just for you, Handcrafted!

This unique Etsy delight is called WhiddensWoodshop, and it’s owned by John Shatney, who ships his crafty-work worldwide from Pennsylvania, USA. John’s store is one of the most amazing stores I have seen for handmade gifts for people who don’t like the “normal” gifts like clothing, perfumes, etc.

Now, let’s start with a very useful gift, one that was very popular back in the 90’s and should become popular again- pens! And I am not talking about “Stabilu” $2 pens, but rather unique handcrafted fountain, ballpoint or rollerball pens. Like these:

Moving on to some more HANDY work, where John shows how truly talented he is with wood crafts- creating these amazing items:

John is also great with social activity and holiday sales… For example- this was his promotion for Black Friday! Make sure to follow his Instagram to always be notified of more promotions, sales and new comers!

You could also follow this store and seller on Facebook, or of course- HEART the store on Etsy to stay in touch! Go to the Etsy store to see more, cause this was just the tip of the… PEN!

Handcrafted Wood Pens
Handcrafted Wood Pens

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