Textile Art Wandmade Etsy Store Review

Textile Art Wandmade

If you are looking for a unique rag-doll, that’s original, handmade, and tailored just for you- you have come to the right place. Textile Art Wandmade is an Etsy store that shows just how much art one person can put in one doll.

The Person Behind The Store

Meet Paulina, a talented fabric master, currently living in Reykjanesbaer, Iceland. As she grew up listening to fairytale stories like Hensel and Gretel, Snow White and others, she always envisioned the characters coming to life. When she grew up – she did just that.

Take a look at the variety of doll’s this Etsy seller has to offer and imagine… Imagine you are visiting Narnia, going down the rabbit’s hole, you are in a world of your own now.

What Makes Textile Art Wandmade So Special

What I liked the most about this Etsy seller is the fact that you can get all the information about the doll before ordering. Each doll page contains the measurements of the doll and the materials it’s made of. If you look carefully into the stiches and details of Paulina’s art work- you can see that every string is in place and every button is tightly secure to the doll. Making sure your purchase will give you a long lasting doll to love and to pass on from one generation to another.

Acquiring most of her fabrics on flee-markets and second hand stores, Paulina’s dolls are truly unique in style and quality, and send out the vintage vibe with them- all over the world. Using fabrics like: Faux fur, fake leather, velvet, cotton and adding vintage buttons to the mix, this artist creates one of a kind rag dolls.

Textile Art Wandmade
Textile Art Wandmade

Handmade VS Wholesale

There’s no doubt in my mind that you could find cheaper dolls than what Paulina is selling at her Etsy store… But will they be this unique? Having a vintage item in your home, an item that has no equal, is a feeling that can only be understood once holding one of Textile Art Wandmade’s dolls.

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