Hod HaMidbar Dead Sea Hotel Review

Dead Sea Hotel Review

The amazing spa is run by a lovely woman called Marina. Whatever you need- she’ll help you get it. From fitting you the best massage according to your needs, to cutting the edges of the mud bags (Cause you want to use them now). She will do it all, and with a smile. On top of offering full body massages, hot stones treatments and other relaxing activities- the spa also has an amazing hot Sulfur tub, a Jacuzzi and a hot pool of Dead Sea water. I had the pleasure of getting a Swedish massage from Lior, a talented therapist that knew exactly how to make me relax.

The Hotel Staff Of Hod HaMidbar

this is the last part of this hotel review, however, it is the most important for me. The way I look if the service given to me was good or not is divided into 2: the way the hotel’s staff treated me, and the way the hotel managers treated their workers. As the receptionist Gili was amazing and kind, the reception manager, in my opinion, need to learn to take things easier, and treat her staff better. Talking bad to one of your workers in front of hotel guests is bad service in my eyes. Same goes for shift manager at the hotel’s dinning room that yelled at a waitress that simply defended herself from a guest pushing her.

I had a great time at the spa, and i loved the beach. And I will defiantly come again. I will simply book my spa treatment with Marina and Lior while spending the night at a different hotel.

Dead Sea Hotel Review
Dead Sea Hotel Review

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And until then- have a great vacation- anywhere in the world!

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