Unique Gemstone Pendants & Special Crafted Earrings

If you’re looking for some unique and Eastern European style jewelry made in the US, you’re going to love Eugenia and her Etsy shop EugeniaZazowska.

EugeniaZazowska Etsy shop is a place for unique gemstone necklaces and earrings that will add that one of a kind style and feel- to everything you wear!
They can be worn to special events, dates, or even as that one everyday tricket you always carry with you.

My designs are inspired by the shape, color and texture of gemstones and guided by a deep appreciation of beauty drawn from a long study of art history.
(Says Eugenia is her Etsy shop bio…)
Starting with the qualities of the precious and semi-precious stones themselves, I strive to highlight their natural beauty with hand-fabricated gold, gold-filled and silver settings, created by various wire techniques.

Being a huge fan of Amethyst and Rose Quartz gemstones- I found these 2 pieces the most attractive:

With a simple, yet unique, style…. With metal all around, surrounding the gemstone and sort of embracing it- Eugenia has made quite a collection here, and any woman would be lucky to be wearing one of her pieces.

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