Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry for Style & Wellness

If you’re looking for an item, an accessory, that will be both stylish and health-contributing you should definitely check out Óol iits Etsy shop!

Óol iits Etsy shop, owned by Joany from Navada, is a great place to find oil diffuser jewelry- meaning- jewelry items that can contain essential oils and spread them to the air (and to you) in a timely manner- making this accessory more than just a jewel.

In Joany’s store you’ll be able to find a unique chakra beaded bracelet- with lava stones!
When you pore essential oils on the lava stones, due to their structure and natural qualities (they have holes, and they absorb oil)- you’ll be able to walk around with the scent of these oils, and their healing properties for about 1-2 days at a time.

This bracelet, as beautiful as it may be, is not the only item on Joany’s shop Óol iits… In fact, she has different bracelets, and even necklaces, to fit any occasion and personal style! Here are some of my personal favorite oil diffuser jewelry from Óol iits Etsy shop:

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