Kimono Yoga Clothing- for Men and Women!

There’s an Etsy shop i keep coming back to… YUGAClothes.
This special store has so much to offer people, with unique designs, high quality materials, an ecological point of view, and a feeling of peace flowing throughout the fabrics.

This unique Etsy boutique is well liked amongst Bohemian fashion lovers, and people who practice yoga or meditation on a regular basis.
The clothing items on YUGAClothes are light to wear, cover the shape of the body with comfort, and bring out your finest lines, making sure you always look as good as you feel.

One of my favorite items to wear, mostly due to my connection with the far east, is the Kimono.
A Kimono is one of the more attention seeking outfits, showing people how majestic you look in asymmetrical lines, and a clothing structure different than what we wear in western society.

YUGAClothes has quite the collection of bohemian style cotton kimonos- for both men and women.
Here are some of my favorite Kimonos from YUGAClothes:

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or something like that!

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