For the LOVE of Beanie!

I can’t even say how much I love beanies, honestly… I have my favorite purple beanie that I’ve been wearing for over 2 years now- and it’s such a big part of my look that some people don’t recognize me without it!
A part of my beanie obsession leads me to Etsy on a weekly basis, searching around for cute sweet beanies… And I have found the cutest beanies ever on an Etsy shop called BeanieVille!

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BeanieVille Etsy shop is owned by Angela, and for the past years Angela has shipped over 2800 of her beanies, scarves and other knitted accessories! Her perfect 5 star rating is proof of the quality of her work- and you can see for yourself how amazing Angela’s beanies look like:

Angela shared some of her story with her Etsy shop buyers:

I have always loved knitting and crochet work and here I am expressing my work with my one-of-a-kind beanie creations, for men and women, using the best materials available here in Chile. It is an absolute pleasure to be able to present them to you and I am always looking forward to my next creation; I take great pride in presenting them in the highest quality possible.

You should note that Angela currently has a 50% off sale in her Etsy shop BeanieVille– and that this could be a great chance for you to get high quality beanies for half the price!

Visit BeanieVille shop today for more!

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