The Mending Muse- Transformation Mantra Cards

Different people live life differently… they have different experiences, different ways of dealing with the bad and even the good… But what all of us have in common- is the need to feel safe, be acknowledged, and keep on being inspired.

If you feel that your daily routine is somewhat unhealthy, or if you’re feeling un-inspired in your life- maybe try mantra cards.
Mantra cards are used for self healing… taking the time to figure yourself out using a spirit animal… much like other reading cards.

A shop by the name of The Mending Muse is offering this kind of unique self-gift… And we might all learn something from their transformation mantra cards…
Here’s what owner, Angela, had to say about her healing card deck:

These unique Tarot like cards are a 30 deck spread. Use the same way you would use a typical tarot deck working with your own soul to heal ones self from the inside out. I also use the goat spirit as the muse energy as goats are known for their healing powers and their sturdiness not to give up but continue to believe in oneself.

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Imagine your own personal muse helping you daily…
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