Stop using Plastic. Use ReBOTTLE instead.

Do you know why I love Etsy so much?

As consumers we all have an imprint over this planet… We all create a certain affect over things, and what I hate to see is when our surroundings become taken for granted. Our environment is NOT always going to be here- unless we take care of it. We are using too much plastic in this world, throwing away water, wasting energy, littering, and we simply need to find a way to stop doing all of these things.
Now, I am not telling you to give up your car cause it breathes GAS into the air, but I can ask you to consider buying greener products. And that’s when Etsy comes in.

How can I buy GREEN with Etsy?

Etsy is a handmade market place, sold from people to people, from families to families, and supporting “the little guy” and choosing him or her over big retailers is more important now than even. Etsy sellers are often using products that were around them… A lot of them search the outdoors for materials, and recycle and upcycle in order to create their products… Others, like CORKstudio– are simply creating an ecological product- one that is handmade with nature in mind- and one that will help you save nature.. One plastic bottle at a time!

Give up the plastic- use ReBOTTLE!

What a brilliant name for a beautifully designed reusable water bottle. ReBOTTLE is made in Relíquias, Portugal, and the owner of CORKstudio, Shani Almagor, is shipping it worldwide to anyone who cares enough abut the environment to get one of her bottles. The ReBOTTLE is a reusable bottle covered with local natural cork. The cork gives the bottle insulation, protection and aesthetics. Making sure you’ll have a long lasting and beautiful water bottle- always ready at your disposal !
If you choose to go eco-friendly on a daily basis with ReBOTTLE you can choose the size that would be the most fitting for you- one that can contain 550 ml, or 750 ml.

The story behind the Bottle (from CORKstudio About section)

We are a few friends who live in south of Portugal, in the area of Alentejo, which is abundant with Cork Oak trees. We came here to find a piece of land, build an organic farm and live close to nature, in peace and quiet. We grow fresh food, pump water from the ground and use solar energy. We wanted a space that will allow us the freedom to create.

Where we live there is a forest of big ancient Cork Oak trees. It was in this forest where our research and natural connection with the cork began. The more we investigated, and the more we were exposed to its qualities and to the fascinating story of the cork, we fell in love. We started to create and to play with this amazing material, that literally just grows on the trees everywhere around us! We started to cooperate with local cork artists and learn the traditional art and technique. We design new, handmade products that keep simplicity, usability and aesthetics as guidelines.

Visit this cool Etsy store to see more eco-friendly items!

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