Decorate Your House With Handcrafted Wood

The topic of house decor came up here in my posts a lot. There are so many people I know leaving in rented apartments and not feeling at HOME that I keep trying to find these cool Etsy stores that could make them fell more comfy in their environment.

I often find that wooden objects have a homey affect on me, so I think that adding wooden shelves or decorative objects could really improve any apartment, big or small. With that thought in mind I found an Etsy store that makes the most amazing handcraft decors from wood. Shelves mixed with mason jars are just my thing this spring! The store, called Dream Home Wood Shop is owned by Ed & Stephanie, which is what I like in these shops- they are a family business!

You could order shelves mixed with mason jars and create the perfect flower vase, candle decorative and more cool ideas! Shelves come in a black or a variety of pastel colours such as pink, blue, yellow and more.

Ed & Stephanie are sending you all of these handcrafted good from Franklin, TN, United States, and shipping their products world-wide, so no matter where you live you can enjoy these amazing works of art:

The most amazing thing about Ed & Stephanie is that they encourage their buyers to request costume made shelves and other house decor wood designs. You can easily contact both of them via their Etsy store and ask for a different product size. colour and shape. All of their wooden items can be ordered in any colour stained or painted.

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