Unique, High quality Jewelry Items- That Stand Out!

If you’re looking for some unique eye-catching jewelry items- meet Andy.
Andy is a UK based jewelry designer, designing unique bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry pieces from his home studio in Sheffield.

Operating under his brand name Kelandy Designs, Andy is using Etsy to share his passion for jewelry with the world. His store is a great place to find anniversary gifts, I love you gifts, tokens of appreciations for mom or sister, and best friend necklaces. The store’s unique style varies from steampunk antique style- to the classic tear-drop design… Making sure that any woman would be able to find something she loves at Andy’s store.

Andy likes to keep the volume of his work small, making sure he has enough time to put into any piece he makes… Personal time for each jewelry item- makes for a higher quality products.

If you need to know more about the actual verified quality of Andy’s designs, you might find the store’s Guarantee of Quality Statement interesting:

When work is completed, each piece is sent to Sheffield Assay Office for testing, verification and hallmarking. The Assay Office will reject any item described as silver if it is found not to be 925 Sterling Silver or .999 Fine Silver on testing. They will then laser engrave the hallmark. Each hallmark has five marks, the ‘Sponsor’s Mark’ (in Andy’s case ‘AS’), the fineness mark (925 in the case of Sterling Silver, 999 for Fine Silver), the Assay Office Mark (Yorkshire Rose for Sheffield Office), the Lion Passant (the mark for Silver), and a year letter (currently ‘T’ for 2018).

The store only opened this year, and not too long ago… Take advantage of the affordable prices- before Andy gets too famous to sell on Etsy

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