The Art Of Sewing Will Live Forever

It’s funny how trends are always coming and going, isn’t it? I mean, about 13 years ago it was trendy to wear low cut jeans, lower the better. And now? We seemed to have gotten back to that high cut figures we used to make at all the time from the 80’s.

Everything that was once trendy will be again, and art is no exception to that.

While people think that Millennials only care about technology- they are totally missing out on a new generation emerging in between… People at the ages of 15-20 are starting to show interest in old art forms like hand stitching, crochet and even sewing with a vintage authentic sewing machine.

I searched the web for antique sewing machines along along with sewing machine reviews, both that are functional as well as non functional machines that are being bought for emotional value or fixing. I searched and found so many new and exciting machines, ones that will basically stitch for you… But they had no soul in them.
So I kept digging, and I found them- in the UK.

Vintage sewing machines and accessories

An Etsy store by the name of ZionVintageCrafts is selling vintage sewing machines that will make any stitching fanatic- go crazy!
Authentic Singer machines– the dream of any stitch-girl who ever grew up watching her grandma work her magic, making her a Halloween costume.

The machines range in prices, but are considerably affordable than other vendors I have seen online.
The store has had over 90 sales, and with 5 star amazing reviews- you can rest assure you’ll get the machine safe and sound!

Some of the machines are functional, others are presented for purchase to someone who can fix them, or want them for display purposes only. (Honestly, I wouldn’t mind having one of these Singer vintage sewing machines lying around the house as a part of my home view).

You can check out ZionVintageCrafts for it’s full load and options, however- you must remember that these are vintage machines- so if you like one you might as well purchase it before someone else would!

You can visit ZionVintageCrafts Etsy store on social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, and see more vintage sewing machines they offer, and a lot more sewing accessories , tools and even tables!

Happy Holidays!

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