Magical Silhouette Printables from Norway

When the online shopping trend took over- people were thrilled! Having something sent to you from anywhere in the world- opened up so many doors!
However, with the rise of technology- more and more things became available to us in a click of the mouse- and printable art is now a thing.

Printable art is one of the best ways to decorate your homes these days, create unique greeting cards and add items to your scrapbook. You can just purchase a design and download it once it’s done- connecting you to art from all over the world!

My personal favorite style is the use of silhouettes in different colors. I think that having just the outskirts of an element can be more powerful than the details in it, and I am happy to say that I share that passion for silhouettes with at least one other person- Fenix, from Oslo, Norway.

In Fenix’s Etsy store, BittenByErmines, you’ll be able to find unique silhouette printable art- in all sorts of colors and shapes. These designs Fenix made could be used to decorate your nursery, living room, bedroom, office and actually anywhere else!

You can easily make one of kind gifts for the people you love by printing Fenix’s designs on an ordinary A4 printer paper- and placing them inside a regular frame- giving that gift of silhouette art to someone you care about!

Visit BittenByErmines Etsy shop
for more silhouette printables!

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