Special DIY Pumpkin Ideas- Without Carving!

As the weather is starting to cool down, we are approaching the biggest and most wonderful time of the year- Holiday season! However, before Santa will give our chimney a visit- we need to play dress-ups and deck the halls with a lot of costumes, cotton candy, sugary bags and pumpkins!

Although the tradition placed a knife in our hands for some pumpkin carving- we know that some of you might want to find simpler solutions for this year’s Halloween pumpkin celebration- so we gathered the best DIY pumpkin ideas without carving! If you search for “Pumpkin ideas without carving” accross the web, you’ll find thousands of hits… But how will you make them?

The Women Team’s team decided to help with that, therefor- all of the pumpkin ideas in this post will have a direct link to their Youtube tutorial- showing you how to make these unique carve-free pumpkins! Ready to start?

Unicorn pumpkin DIY

Turn a simple pumpkin into a beautiful unicorn!
You can see the tutorial HERE, on Savvy’s Youtube channel, and though it only shows one Unicorn Pumpkin design in the making- we urge you to think outside the box and try and mix the colors a bit, add different ornaments and make yourself a unicorn pumpkin family!

Frankenstein Pumpkin Tutorial

One of my all times favorite Halloween tradition is watching scary movies! Growing up, I have to say my favorite one was… Frankenstein!
There’s something about the legend of Frankenstein that I think- will never die. The concept of fixing a person back to life will remain a Halloween mystery to us (at least until mad scientist will figure how to make a Frankenstein in real life). So, for this scare holiday I dove into one of my favorite Youtube channels: CraftKlatch! Featuring the, oh, so lovely, Mona, this channels is filled with some of her best DIYs, including this- No carve Frankenstein pumpkin tutorial- that simply looks… SPOOKY!

Melting Crayons Pumpkin Without Carving

OK, so- no carving? Gotcha! For this next pumpkin DIY project you’ll be needing base color for your pumpkin (preferably white), a blow dryer (the strongest one you have) and some crayons! The colors of the crayons you’ll choose will determine the colors of your pumpkin at the end!

You can have a rainbow PRIDE pumpkin, like Pinbusters did for this Youtube crayon pumpkin tutorial, or get other colors combinations if you’re hosting a theme party!

Easy Cat pumpkin DIY Tutorial

One of the cutest animals on this planet (after unicorns, of course) is the cat! So… Get a pumpkin and cat-it-up using this really cool and simple DIY tutorial by Youtuber and cat lover AshleyPurrs! You can also check out the rest of her videos in her channels if you’d like to see more cat-related DIYs and decor tutorials!

The Witch Pumpkin (Without carving)

One more amazing tutorial from Mona (CraftKlatch Youtube channel) for this pending scary holiday is the WITCH pumpkin! Again, no carve DIY pumpkin tutorial in this LINK, and as you can see- this little piece of pumpkin could be a hit for kids’ scare parties and will defiantly bring the whole family in on the Halloween vibe!

Halloween Spiders Pumpkin – Super Easy DIY

If you want something incredibly easy to do for this year’s Pumpkin display- try this tutorial by KimspiredDIY! This easy to make pumpkin will no require any special artistic skills, all you’ll need for it is: a base color for the pumpkin (we recommend White), a strong black marker, some store-bought plastic spiders and a glue-gun! You can also use a 3-seconds glue if you don’t own a glue gun!
The images are pretty much self-explanatory, but in case you need to- here’s the tutorial on Youtube!

Glow in the Dark Pumpkins

A special surprise this Halloween would be to have some glow-in-the-dark pumpkins in the house! Making them is pretty easy, all you’ll need is some glow in the dark paint and a few ideas! For that, we have this next tutorial for you! Watch, enjoy, and try not to get freaked out at night- when you meet a pumpkin!

Got some more fun pumpkin tutorials for us?
Comment them in the comment section below!

Happy Halloween!

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