Perfect Designs For Your Little Princess

Expecting a baby girl? 
Welcoming a new niece? 
Going to a girl baby-shower?
It’s time for you to meet Princesses Design Etsy store– owned by Chandra!
Selling you her amazing designs for your little princess all the way from Utah, Chandra’s Etsy store is a place where you’ll be able to get unique and princess-like items such as: headbands, maternity sashes, barefoot sandals and more! Basically- anything you might need if you are looking to get a baby girl all princessed-up for her baptize, the holidays, a family dinner or a family/baby photoshoot!

Here are just some of the amazing items you’ll be able to find in Chandra’s Etsy store- Princesses Designs:

OMG! I am melting here from all of this sweetness- trying to imagine my little niece and how she’d look in almost any item that I see on Princesses Design Etsy store. And what melted my heart the most were these super cool Headband and Barefoot Sandals Sets- that come is so many colors that you just can’t pick one!

The seller and designer, Chandra, is a trusted seller in the Etsy community- closing in on 700 sales, and with over 160 reviews- all 5 stars!! That means that you and your baby-girl are in good hands! There’s no going wrong with Chandra’s store, especially when you have so many designs and colors available for you- clear colors, mix and match, with or without lace- amazing headbands for your little princess all handmade with a whole lot of love!

In order to make sure that you’re always updated with the latest this seller has to offer- you need to follow her on social media! You can follow the sweetness on Chandra’s Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Or visit her official website to see the most adorable baby pictures!

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