From Being Fired- to Selling Gorgeous Earrings on Etsy!

If we look at our individual lives, and how they looked in the beginning of this year, and how they look now- we have to admit- we are completely different people. All around the world people found themselves either losing everything, developing something new, or BOTH! Such a person is Cheyenne, an 18 year old your woman from Beverwijk, The Netherlands. After being fired from her job when the Covid19 crisis started, Cheyenne hasn’t been able to find a new job. Having to face the reality of this new situation- she turned to creativity!

Thinking outside the box, and basically making a 180 turn in mindset, Cheyenne open an Etsy shop, selling unique handmade earrings from her hometown in The Netherlands, to happy stylish women all over the world!

Earrings don’t have to be complex to be beautiful

And in most cases- the best option for your accessories- is the simplest one. A simple and minimal pair of earrings would be the most valuable accessory item in your jewelry box.
Minimalistic earrings, with beautiful ocean inspired designs, designs with hearts, flowers, and seasonal elements- are better left simple, and CLEAN looking. And that’s exactly what awaits you on Cheyenne’s shop- CheysJewellry.

Colorful earrings for better days

Alongside simple silver earrings, you’ll also be able to find a variety of colorful earrings, butterfly earrings, and other creative symbol icon earrings that will brighten up your day!

To see the full collection of Cheyenne’s earrings And some lovely keychain designs

Go ahead and visit CheysJewellry Etsy shop today!

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