Pet Pillows, Spirit Animal Lamps & More

Some people are easy to shop for- others are more tricky.
For the Easy-to-shop-for-people you have great stores in the mall, and a great selection of cheap randoms on Amazon and eBay.. For special people- we look inside Etsy for that special gift!

As all of the Etsy sellers are creative in their own way, I am personally more into home and design accessories than fashion, so naturally I fell in love with Jonathan Hilton’s store as soon as I entered.
I was looking for a closeup of a cute animal, a fun light print on something I can use- and found the most amazing pillow casing design- with a closeup of super cute animals:

What I didn’t know and found out only when I entered- is that Jonathan is making these beautiful pet pillows custom to what you send him! This is a great idea for people who have lost their pet and want to have something around that looks like them- and that they can hold.

On top of that, Jonathan has in his Etsy store, CraftyPics, an interesting selection of gifts and treats for the people you love- a spirit animal lamp, cartoon giraffes on a beach towel, pug-life tote bags and more!

You can see more designs by Jonathan by visiting his Etsy store CraftyPics, or on his shop’s BLOG. You could also follow him and his work on social media- making sure you never miss a new design or a potential sale!

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